Happy Endings: Twat’s That!?

Paris Hilton made a press appearance in Korea this weekend. And so did her lipstick smeared teeth.

Chris Crocker wants us to leave him alone. We will, just as soon as he stops assaulting our culture with his attention-seeking absurdity.

John McCain’s 95-year old mother takes jab at Mitt Romney.

Chicago Sun-Times journo, Northwestern professor and Bill O’Reilly survivor Laura Berman offers more thoughts on cutest lesbian couple. Berman explains that “tolerance” should be the golden rule. We’re going to one-up her and say that “acceptance” should be the goldenest rule.

Gay rights debate getting loud – and expensive – in California.

RIP Kanye West’s mother, Donda West.

• Thai national wins trans-competition, Miss International Queen, which may be a misnomer.

• A North Carolina Baptist church may be booted from state’s Baptist Convention for gay loving ways.

• Michael Petrelis takes aim at the Young Democrats of America and their seemingly fishy numbers.