Happy Endings: Tyra Banks Is Deep

The red Boots

•While New Orleans was going down, Condi was on Madison Avenue shopping for shoes at Ferragamo. Heartless? Yes. Cruel? Maybe. Stupid? Definitely. But all is forgiven if she ended up getting these fierce red high-heeled rain boots. We’re not holding our breath.

•We love watching Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model mostly for the things that come out of her mouth. She tells Zap2it about a time when she called out a guest on her new talk show she believed was just full of it: “I was like, ‘You’re being fake, and I know you are, but your story is true.” Girl is deep.

•Katrina victims are apparently taking their $2,000 FEMA cards and buying Louis Vuitton signature bags. Are we missing something here? Aren’t the evacuees the ones that need overpriced couture the most? We have no problem with using the cash for LV, but if we hear about someone heading to Old Navy, we’re gonna’ be pissed.

•Schwarzenegger has said he’ll veto any same-sex marriage bill in his state that reaches his desk. But, you see, it’s now out that Arnie has had a long history with the gays. Apparently, as a young muscle-bound immigrant, he was making a great living pumping more than just iron.

•Westlife continues to make news about everything but their music. Newly outed Mark Freehily is heading to the altar while ex-member Brian McFadden heads to court.

•Yes, we know the fad of leather cuffs is over, unless of course you are heading to Folsom Street. But a new take of the cuff has been launched called PhotoCuffs. We are going for the butch Brooklyn model and filling it with all the new girls from Top Model.