Happy Endings: Upgrade To Marriage!


Garden State Equality and Blue Jersey will start airing some pretty clever gay marriage ads tonight.

• A hefty paycheck ain’t the only thing Rosie O’Donnell wants from potential employer MSNBC. From Jossip:

Sources tell us the network is frantically trying to scrounge up the cash to bankroll her outlandish list of demands (Think a gold-plated trapeze and a private chopper to take her to and from 30 Rock every day. Seriously). But why now? Because MSNBC’s on the eve of renegotiating their contract with their cable provider and landing a big star (no pun intended) and proving they can go toe-to-toe with O’Reilly will give them infinitely more leverage.

If anyone can take on O’Reilly, it’s O’Donnell.

Michigan Supreme Court mulling university benefits.

• The Scottish Socialist Party wants you to put pressure on Stagecoach buses, which attempted to boot a gay teenage couple last weekend. Re-read the original story and check out comment number two.

John Waters would love to give Larry Craig a close-up. Hopefully he’s got a wide lens.

Lance Bass is a fucking liar who needs to makeup a Las Vegas wedding for ego-stroking publicity.

Michael Showalter hot for women’s shoes.

• House of Representatives votes to push Dick Cheney impeachment to Judiciary Committee. Says Republican Pete Sessions: “We’re going to help them out, to explain themselves. We’re going to give them their day in court.” Sessions may be eating those words…

• Say what you will about Fred Thompson, but he’s realistic: jokes that he won’t win presidency.