Happy Endings: Ups and Downs

• A majority of American citizens support same-sex civil unions, according to ABC News, but not all opinions are created evenly:

Overall, 55 percent favor allowing homosexual couples to form legally recognized civil unions, giving them the same rights as married couples in areas such as health insurance, inheritance and pension coverage. That’s up from 45 percent in an ABC/Post poll in 2006; the previous high was 51 percent in 2004.

On civil unions, support peaks among adults under age 30, and tanks among seniors. It’s highest in the East and West, notably lower in the Midwest and South. Whites overall are more apt than blacks to support gay civil unions, and the idea wins more support among women (59 percent) than men (51 percent, and 47 percent among married men).

Interesting divide between single and married men, no?

Reichen strips, fakes orgasm for Dante’s Cove.

Bob Allen jury cruises through park where alleged solicitation took place, one juror dismissed.

Moscow court comes out against gay pride organizers. Anti-gay parade ban legal.

Rosie O’Donnell offers more MSNBC explanation, professes love for Keith Olbermann.

The Gay Recluse takes on the “Suffocation of the Gay Voice in American Literature”:

The truth is in our hands: we, too, have a history of oppression and a corresponding literary tradition that should be taught in the schools to ensure that it will be taken up by future writers and poets!…To fight for our civil rights is one thing, but it is equally important to fight for our literary voice in a culture that belongs to us as much as anyone else; our stories are here within us, we shouldn’t have to beg to have them recognized, or apologize to have them told.

Does it count if we make them into movies?

• Gays dropped from South Korea non-discrimination act.

Retired Republican Richard Curtis‘ extorting boy toy Cody Castagna part of a bigger plot, calls Curtis a “freak”. That’s pretty rude, especially coming from hooker who plays on people’s sexual repression.

OJ Simpson doesn’t have a care in the world. He almost acts like somebody who got away with murder.

EastEnders getting a gay?

Piggy bank explodes to encourage saving. Seriously!?