Happy Endings: Vin Diesel is NOT GAY!

vin diesel 5.jpegVin Diesel is not gay. You don’t see him with women because he prefers to date in Europe. [NY Post]

Sharon Stone‘s lesbian three-way sex scene is edited out of Basic Instinct 2. Directors say it’s to keep the movie as mainstream as possible. As if straight guys would really say “Sharon Stone in a lesbian threeway? No, not interested. Let’s go see She’s The Man instead.” Our guess is, they’re keeping it to sell in the DVD extras. [GayWired]

• Vibrators were once used by doctors as medical devices–and women started getting sick all the time! Go figure. This article is very funny, please read. [KnightRidder]

Madonna is learning to krump for her upcoming tour. We’re worried the woman is going to break a hip. [NewsWire]

Adam & Steve stinks, don’t bother. If you want to see Parker Posey, wait for her role as Lex Luthor’s girlfriend in Superman. We cannot WAIT. [Tribune]

• In response to Massachusetts upholding a 1913 law that forbids marriage that is Illegal in other states–to prevent inter-racial couples from coming North to get married, back when that wasn’t allowed–we point you to the rest of Massachusetts’ laws which might be of interest. Our favorite: “A woman can not be on top in sexual activities.” At least we here at Queerty don’t have to worry about THAT. Phew! [DumbLaws]