Happy Endings: We Just Can’t Get Enough

Exterface astounds once again with Orchid.

“Harassed” lesbian soldier denies secret tryst with fellow lesbian soldier.

• OMG! Is Britney Spears a meth head?

• Amnesty International takes on anti-gay Lithuanian government.

Openly gay triathlon coach at West Poiny?!

• Speaking of GLAAD: President Neil Giuliano reflects on the gay wedding announcement newspaper scandal.

Inside the Out 100 gift bag.

• Pretty On The Outside tackles David Beckham’s Emporio Armani undie endorsement.

More plants than Hillary Clinton campaign wants to admit?

• Crazed fan stalks John Stamos aboard airplane, FBI involved.

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  • afrolito

    I absolutely love Exterface. As a photographer they constantly inspire me with their artistry.

  • matt123

    How cool he is! How to contact him? I’m a hot Gay. Have an account on Findbilover.com.

  • G

    Exterface astounds you with Orchid? I hope you’re joking or else you actually like the fact that they’re glamorizing drug use? Yeesh. What a great tidbit to lead with. Pffft.

  • SeaFlood

    Oh stick a sock in it. Exterface isn’t the first to do it or the last. I love it, too, because it’s freaking gorgeous — like all of his work. Sheesh.

  • mozzer13

    You are right, SeaFlood. He isn’t the first to do it at all. Which makes him pretty, but boring. A hot boy and funky lighting don’t make pretty people in their underwear snorting coke the least bit more interesting.

  • G

    So Seaflood admits it’s unoriginal and trite. HA! Guess it’s the cool thing to do because everyone else is doing it? Just like snorting coke. Way to be a sheep and follow the crowd. The guy may be “gorgeous” to some people, but the photography is mediocre at best.

  • SeaFlood

    *smiles* Unorginal does not mean ugly or distasteful, folks. The photography isn’t mediocre — it does what good photography does… tell a story in images. If some folks are not keen enough to discern the beauty of the images or the artistic merit, well, that really isn’t my problem. But to dock it on account of something trite like “glamorizing drugs” is just… ridiculous.

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