Happy Endings: We Knew It!

• Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did (not) make an unsurprising revelation today: the titular Terminator from the action franchise does dudes. His evil deeds in the first movie stem from an unresolved relationship with a 19-year old golf buggy:

He is so tormented because everyone expects him to live up to the tough-guy, robot stereotype and either make love to women or dismember them with a chainsaw.

“If you watch the first film closely it’s obvious that what he really wants to do is kill Sarah Connor as quickly as possible so that he can get back 2029, mix a jug of margaritas and really sort out his personal life.

The Terminator drinks margaritas? There go years of fantasy. Sigh.

• Anti-gay Republican Patrick McHenry’s finances sure are queer.

Jim Neal, who’s fighting Elizabeth Dole in the North Carolina Senatorial election, confirms that he does dudes.

• Is New York’s Splash Bar suing The New York Times Co. for defamation?

• Kineda blog compiled the top 100 “lifestyle” blogs. We’re number five, which is, quite frankly, an outrage.

• Should we blindly worship “gay-friendly” Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz? No way, says Sam Miller:

If anything, Fall Out Boy showing up on the queer doorstep with flowers and cheap cologne is more proof that the gay community is just one more stop on the pandering tour of every politician and would-be superstar who will gladly take our money but won’t do anything on the issues that impact the queer community.

Thank you!

• Speaking of… Jake Gyllenhaal’s gay humor’s – well – not very funny.

Elastic Waist loves gay men.

Darren Star’s up to his old tricks – literally and figuratively.

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Please explain American realpolitik to me, or maybe California politics.

    The ENRON neocon crowd steals billions in energy costs from the sheeple, and their response is to recall the Democratic governor in order to elect Arnold the Fascist . Then you see Maria Shriver S.
    campaigning for Arnold with her mother, Eunice Kennedy, and her father, Democratic veep nominee Sargent. The sister and brother-in-law of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on a Republican victory stage…you can vomit now.

    Then, in term one, Arnold acts like a neoconservative and even vetoes the gay marriage bill. Then, just before elections for term two, he becomes a pseudo liberal and they reelect him. Again, he becomes the neocon and vetoes again.

    What does it take for American gays and lesbians and straight liberals to stand for principle and support those who would say yes.????????

  • Bob R

    The problem is most American voters are not very sophisticated. The Republican’s have learned they can create their own reality from day to day and have brazenly said this publicly. But still the American voter is wooed by celebrity and sound bites. The Republicans know how to frame a question and use the language to their advantage. Also, American memories are poor and their attention span short.Arnold will soon be a Senator from California because everyone will remember him as an effective Governor. That’s the reality that will be created when the next election cycle looms.

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