Happy Endings: We Love Men In Tights

• The book Sextrology has been selling like crazy all over the globe without having to filter any content. Not anymore. Russia has de-gayed the book without obtaining the consent of the authors or publisher HarperCollins.

• If you haven’t yet seen the teaser to Superman Returns starring soon to be Hollywood “It Boy” Brandon Routh, check it out. All we have to say is “Tom Welling who?”


Over 6,500 gay marriages have occurred in Massachusetts since the State Supreme Court ruled that queers should not be excluded from attending marriage counseling. Congrats, people.

• An openly gay State Senator from Vermont was seriously injured in a car wreck yesterday. We hope he gets better. So far we haven’t heard anything from those tactless fundamentilsts claiming this was caused by some wrathful gay-hating God.

John Waters’s “dog crap-eating tranny” state of mind invades the OC. His photography show is now at the Orange County Museum Of Art.

Andy has some photos of a recent hazing by the Marquette University lacrosse team. We’re bummed Bill O’Reilly wasn’t there to cover that wild collegiate episode.