Happy Endings: When Bloggers Attack!

Toby will sleep well tonight. It appears that Brat Boy has lost. [Vividblurry]

The Geography Club is being sent back to the University Place, Washington high school where it was banned. But it’ll remain geographically-challenged at the town’s middle school. [KIROTV]

Debra Megan.jpg

Will & Grace goes live again next month. Guess we’ll watch. We’re suckers for gimmicks. [Zap2it]

• The Czechs are nothing like their Latvian neighbors to the North. [Sovo]

Brokeback Mountain expands today to, appropriately enough, 69 theaters. [Box Office Mojo]

• LA is ceasing Oral HIV testing due to false positives. One of their “biggest concerns is the public is going to lose confidence in HIV testing.” You know, sort of like the way we lost confidence in the LAPD. [LA Times]

• Someone please tell Dennis Hopper he only has two weeks to check out the James Dean Museum before it shuts down for good. [USA Today]

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