Happy Endings: When Toilet Sex And Camera Phones Meet

• Jossip tells you how to get your greedy little hands on Colin Farrell‘s hooded wang. [Jossip]

Clay Aiken should be thankful that the whore who is outing him with pictures in some rag isn’t resorting to blackmail. That’s just what happened to a poor twink in some German boy band. [Bitchless via Towleroad]


• San Fran’s Badlands bar and some Castro fags have have resolved their catfight. At long last. [SF Gate]

Heath Ledger: Still not gay! [A Socialite’s Life]

• The European Union is none too pleased about some of the anti-gay stuff going down all over the continent. Are you listening, Poland? [Advocate]

• Ocean County, N.J. is still refusing to give the pension of a lesbian dying of cancer to her partner. Way to make things that much harder on her, guys! [Ocean County Observer]