Happy Endings: Whitney Looks Good

Whitney Houston and Clive Davis stepped out in New York today. Can we just say we’re so happy to see Whitney’s given up her crack head ways…

• Anti-gay Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola spoke at Wheaton.

Miranda Grell fined for gay pedophile smear.

• Ugandan Attorney General wants lesbian charges dismissed:

The Attorney General on Friday asked the High Court to dismiss a case in which two women said they were tortured by the Police and the LCI chairman of Kireka on allegations that they were lesbians.

Margaret Nabakooza, the State Attorney, said the complainants had failed to prove their case because the Police did not arrest them.

• Who’s ever heard of Mariah Carey, anyway?

Whores in DC!

• British politico Boris Johnson courts queer vote.

Lesbians sit for marriage.