Happy Endings: With Bells On

• We’re assuming this is some sort of sex line commercial. It’s quite queer.

• Writer’s strike claims another victim: the Justice League.

• Scooby and the gang have fun with Scientology.

• Black minister asks Barack Obama to address gay equality at Monday’s debate in Myrtle Beach.

Obama compares himself to Reagan, world goes nuts.

• Ad agency behind celebrity political endorsements. Thanks Lord & Thomas!

Ellen needs her writers back. And some medicine.

• Jossip editor decides to make “To LRH” her catch phrase of the year. Queerty editor thinks it’s stupid.

bull; More and more men refuse prostate exam as genetic research opens doors.

Andrew Sullivan turns election politics into poetics. (AABBA)

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  • RC

    Bless you, Rev., for your eloquent and reasoned call for Obama to be more proactive in his messages to homophobic clergy and congregations, but we’re skeptical after McClurkingate when, given his first opportunity to walk his talk he, as black writer Rod 2.0 put it, “folded like a house of cards.”

    He’s got a commercial running in California in which he insists, “We have to tell people what they need to hear not just what they want to hear,” but the subject there was energy-efficient cars. I don’t expect him to do the same on religious homophobia. He’s addressed it, but mostly in the context of it being an obstacle to fighting AIDS not sufficiently as evil—and “unChristian”—in and of itself. Hope I’m wrong but…

  • Nate

    By the way, it’s a commercial for a car dealer.

  • Amadou

    Yea the video is for a car dealer in this dingy town in west Japan. (I’m not Japanese, but can sure as hell speak it) Japan’s the land of weird ass commercial. If you wanna see some funny shit, go to Youtube and do a search for the ad firm Dentsu’s commercials. chock-full of crazy shit.

  • parisinla

    amadou. could you put this into context for us?

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