Give a Damn

Happy Mother’s Day, Cyndi Lauper

What happens when “Girls Who Wanna Have Fun” grow up?  They become activists for gay rights.

In a time when a lot of singers are using the gay market to jump start careers, it’s the perfect time to recognize those who have actually made activism central to all their musical careers through years of hard work and dedication.

It’s Mother’s Day, and Queerty would like to salute the funky mother we’re all lucky to have: Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi has inspired and engage everyone in her path to become active participants for LGBT equality and to raise awareness to end LGBT youth homelessness.

Her True Colors concerts, featuring artists like The B-52’s, Sarah McLachlan, and Margaret Cho, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Human Rights Campaign and PFLAG. Last year Cyndi and the True Colors Fund kicked off the Give a Damn Campaign in which celebs like Ricky Martin, Judith Light, Susan Sarandon and Whoopi Goldberg made public service announcements encouraging straight people to get informed and gvie a damn about LGBT rights and equality.

It’s people like Cyndi Lauper that are pushing shining light on issues such as workplace discrimination, hate crimes, teen suicides, homelessness and gay marriage. In Cyndi’s own words, “I’ve come to realize that equality means a lot to people that don’t have it. If we all give a damn, then we can ensure that equality for all really includes all. I give a damn. Do you?”

Thank you, Cyndi Lauper, for being a true mother to the gay community… and Happy Mother’s Day!

(NOTE: In the second graph, the word activism was added for clarity.)