Happy Mother’s Day: Six Amazing Political Moms Standing Up For Marriage Equality

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

New Hampshire’s Jeanne Shaheen was the first Senator to sign on to the inclusion of marriage-equality language in the 2012 Democratic platform. Eighteen other Senators followed her lead, and we’re hoping more will sign on in the lead-up to the Democratic National Convention.

Shaheen also was a prominent force in the repeal of DADT: After it ended, she lobbied Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to end a discriminatory policy that bans the same-sex spouses of returning National Guard Members from participating in official National Guard family events. “We made the decision as a nation that it was time to allow gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly in our military,” Shaheen said. “It makes no sense to ask them for the same sacrifice we ask of straight soldiers while denying them the same benefits. We are better than this.”