Happy Mother’s Day: Six Amazing Political Moms Standing Up For Marriage Equality

Houston Mayor Annise Parker

As an out lesbian, it wasn’t been easy for Annise Parker to get elected mayor of Houston, the largest city in sometimes-intolerant Texas. But fighting tough is what Parker does best. She told the Huffington Post: “While it’s been a tough time to be an incumbent at any level of government, there’s definitely a hard-core group here that is just mortally offended that there is a lesbian mayor, and one of my opponents ran specifically because of that issue and raised it at every opportunity.” It must really goad her detractors that Parker and her partner of 22 years, Kathy Hubbard, are raising two daughters and a foster son.

Parker took the Commander in Chief to task when he was still dragging his feet on marriage equality, saying Obama “needs to evolve a little bit faster. He’s not clearly where I think he ought to be.”  Maybe he came out in support because he didn’t want to tick her off?

Photo: Ed Schipul