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Happy New Year, Fag! Meet 2 Teen Girls Who Pepper Sprayed a Gay

Sometimes, America, you really do manage to sicken us. Like Joy Darden, 18, of Zelmer Street, 19, two gals who allegedly thought it would be a grand old time to spend New Year’s Eve in a Buffalo mall parking lot attacking a gay man. “The attack occurred at about 1:30 p. m. in the lower parking lot near the Macy’s end of the mall. The victim, a 20-year-old Buffalo man, was threatened inside the mall by a group of about 10 people known to him as members of a local gang. He was then followed outside to the parking lot, where he was pepper sprayed, kicked, punched and robbed.” It’s a damn shame New York has a little thing called a Hate Crimes Act. [Buffalo News]

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  • Alvaro

    I wonder what their lame excuse will be. “He was hitting on us!”

  • Fitz

    They are over 18, let’s get some photos up.

  • me

    Wait…is the girl from Zelmer Street, or is there another girl named Zelmer Street??? I don’t get it.

  • scott ny'er

    No. 3 · me

    click on the actual article. Queerty peeps didn’t paste the whole sentence. It’s two girls.

  • Same Crap

    Ugh, there’s some ridiculous losertarian, I mean libertarian, in the comments section of the article explaining there should be no such thing as hate crimes.

  • Lukas P.

    Buffalo Wings dipped in Batter(y)?
    The pair of young “ladies” are felicitously named Joy Darden and Deonna Burnett, and per the actual news story [y’know, the one that doesn’t confuse their NAMES with their STREETS], they got charged with the hate crime, robbery, aggravated harassment, criminal mischief AND grand larceny. Etc.

    Originally they claimed the guy attacked them. Oops. Witnesses will get yer story turned upside down.

    Read the comment boards—lots of people hating on the hate crimes laws.

    Such patriotic, God Fearing people, those Buffalonians!

  • Jake the libertarian

    HAHA! There you go again Same Crap! I think libertarians are going to have to get included in this hate crimes bill to keep you from attacking us! LOL

  • edgyguy1426

    The girls were also arrested for having ‘noxious matter’ The new Britney Spears fragrance?

  • Lukas P.

    Jake: Who is the YOU to whom you Jake are referring? Please specify if you refer to a specific poster or posters, to the Queerty staff, or to the gorgeous collective that is the readership and commentariat here.

    Otherwise we may have to, you know, Jake, set up amendments and laws and stuff to prevent you Jake from being so vague!

  • Jake the libertarian


    I was referring to Same Crap, who doesn’t like libertarians… He gave us crap in another thread and I am a gay socially liberal libertarian. Just fucking with him…

  • Lukas P.

    @ Jake—I was just giving you shit too. That’s why I brought up amendments and laws and stuff. I still am somewhat conflicted on the hate crimes laws, which I know will lead to hate mail, but I have seen them used in cases where I thought they were clear and justly applied and have seen cases where the law was vague and perhaps misapplied. Not a lawyer, so I can’t judge the merits of the laws or how they’re applied.

    Regardless, I hope these two Buffalonian ladies get whatever they deserve. (And that they stop hanging out at the malls!) I would so love to hear how their parents respond to their daughters’ actions!

  • Blake B.

    This is vile and classic thuggish mentality that seems to be happening a lot in New York and it seems to be happening amongst minority communities (blacks and hispanics) toward gays. Enough is enough, and I’m sick of the very people who wave the civil rights flag going and commiting hateful acts of bigotry themselves. Of course, we have to be PC and not point out these girls were in a gang and targeted this guy for hours calling him a f*g with 10 other people. Don’t want to possibly hurt their feelings now (insert massive eye roll)

    We also need to come together as a community, just as other minority groups have come together, as one voice.

    New York Gays THIS is your wake up call to take back your state!

    If we let homophobes have *NEW YORK*, what purpose do we really have in our fight?

    P.S- If I were at that mall witnessing this, those bitches wouldn’t have a prayer. If someone touches you, don’t touch back, smack back. If you see a fellow LGBT brother or sister in despair, don’t walk over to help them, run over and start swinging. This nice guy act while being victimized isn’t working out so cute for us. Just sayin’…

  • Blake B.

    I just cliked the link and read the article and this piece fails to make mention of the other attacker one is Joy Darden, 18, of Zelmer Street, and the other is Deonna Burnett, 19, of East End Avenue.

    Facebook…it’s a beautiful thing!

    (The Deonna Burnett one is especially “darling” in her profile isn’t she?)

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