Happy Thanksgiving, Mom! I’m Gay. Pass The Gravy?

In an essay for The Washington Post, writer Ned Martel makes a case for Thanksgiving as the ultimate coming-out holiday. It’s not as  sacrosanct as Christmas but you still get the chance to make multiple members and generations of your family super uncomfortable in one fell swoop.

Martel writes:

This no longer needs to be such a big deal, even if this month’s election somehow emboldens waves of guess-what conversations Thursday night. Awkwardness is predictable, but expect the unexpected…

America is decades past the Very Special Episode phase, when a prime-time discussion of gayness had public-service overtones. Back then, most televised gays were camouflaged as witty warlocks or fastidious professors…If it helps, think of homosexuals as the rightly worried tribe sitting across from the Puritans. I’m just saying the table should be set for them, in the borderless world that is gay America. Gays and lesbians are in every family, somehow. Make them a plate.

So between heaping helpings of cranberry sauce, why not serve up some homo realness with a side of “get into it”? What’s the worst that could happen?: