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Happy Thanksgiving! Why Are You On The Internet?

Don’t even tell me you and I are the only ones working on Thanksgiving! Or maybe you’re at home reading Queerty because you’re avoiding the family? Or, also probable, you’re a non-American wondering WTF we’re doing killing so many non-flying feathered birds. Either way, I need some company, so please share what you’re doing today, with whom, what you’re eating, where you’re visiting, or whether you’re celebrating all by your lonesome, in which case I want to know which brand of scotch you’re enjoying. Please! Fill my void!

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  • Snownova

    Non-american here, so it’s just another workday. I’m gonna clock out in 10 minutes though, to go see the new Harry Potter with some co-workers :) (husband has no taste in movies…)

  • littleBIGchris

    New Yorker here. I’m one of the few losers who have to work today. Holidays don’t exist for hotel employees. Sitting here with my poptarts!

  • Luc

    I’m your Canadian neighbour, Eh? Just finishing my first coffee of the day, a day off for me. We just got snowed in here on the west coast, so just enjoying the scenery with my dogs while the husband is at work.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Another Hoser here reading Queerty. Sitting in a garage getting a new gas tank put in my car. The mechanic has a nice butt, so I’ll stick around a while.

  • Skyler

    The whole famn damily is coming over, joy. It’ll be fun though except that the actually entertaining people can’t make it.

  • Rashid

    Middle Easterner living in the East Coast. Family’s back home!

  • papparon

    Happy Thanksgiving to all even if your native country does not celebrate this Holiday. I am with my love of 18 years and we are preparing a Traditional Turkey dinner with a few little twists to keep it interesting.

    We are thankful today for all the GLBT friends we have and for all the progress we have made in gaining equality in the past few years – let’s keep it up, I think it might get tougher in the short term, but we will prevail!

  • Van der Doodle

    I am an American living in Britain. A few of us expats are having a Thanksgiving party, but its on Saturday. Today there isnt much to do thats seasonal.

  • Ross

    Texan here. My family is living permanently in the Philippines though. I don’t want to go Thanksgiving with my homophobic relatives (even though I’m not out to them), So yeah, I’m mostly alone today. =)

  • Dollie

    In Denver, CO. I’m recovering from a stressful roadtrip and didn’t want to drive anywhere to visit loved ones. Additionally, don’t celebrate (moral reasons) and don’t eat turkey (vegan). :)

  • Eric

    After working the past six Thanksgivings (and Christmases) I finally have one off. Just the boyfriend and I today though, and he’s taking a mid-Scrabble game nap :)

  • codyj

    workig till noon, close the shop, then turkey dinner for one,at local pub..then nursing some JW Black Label, after a walk along empty beach,sunny ,warm here, 78, lol floridas east coast)

  • Imo

    Can’t sleep. It’s 12:38 am here near cologne, germany.
    My BF is sleeping in another room. It’s cold outside (0.0 C),
    there is some snow, too.

  • Jason Dancin' to the Beat

    Family lives in another state. I made myself a really tasty dinner. I was surprised because I’m not a good cook. But it was very healthy and delicious!

  • Kent

    Me and partner went to my mom’s house. Highlight was roasted green beans wrapped in bacon. GOD DANG. Watching football now, will try to find room in the fridge for leftovers in a bit. . .

  • Chpinnlr

    My one weekend a year to have the house all to myself! My family is 1500 miles away, thank goodness! My husband of 23 years goes to visit his family and I use the excuse of having to stay home to take care of the dogs. So it’s three days of watching all the bad movies I want (that he won’t watch with me), Taking myself out to my favorite restaurant for dinner tomorrow, and then doing whatever the hell I feel like on saturday!

  • Mike in London UK

    Contrary to popular rumour, there are not just citizens of the USA on the internet.

    Us Brits don’t celebrate “Eat the Turkey day” until late December.

  • scribe

    My parents broke up for the seventh time and cancelled thanksgiving!!!! Me, my man (17 years), and cat (1 year) had a quiet dinner with the usual (turkey, pie, dressing). My partner is doing the dishes and I’m looking for free internet porn…. :)

  • Brandon

    @littleBIGchris: When are you going to start posting vids again? U like dropped off the face of the planet?

  • BlondeBomber

    LOVE Thanksgiving – having off from work is definitely a plus. FOOD time, right. It’s one of the the 10 essentials of Thanksgiving . Food pretty makes up the majority of my day, as it does for most. YUM

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