Happying Endings: Turning Stephen Colbert

The right-wing’s agenda to turn Stephen Colbert gay, from Superman to Cirque De Soleil to the World Cup, just might be working. [YouTube]

• The “Is Superman gay?” debate rages on, which gets us thinking: Isn’t all the buzz over the sueprhero’s sexuality sounding a little too much like a well orchestrated publicity effort? [NYDN]

• PFLAG will ring the New York Stock Exchange closing bell on Friday, which is being billed as symbolic of the GLBT community’s purchasing power. How cute. [PFLAG]

Footballers’ WivesMarcel McCalla on playing gay. [AfterElton]

• We’re not sure what movie this is from, but two hot young guys in the woods (one with his pants down) is always worth a mention. [Teen Boy Secrets]