Hardaway Hard Up For Cash

Things sure are rough for Tim Hardaway these days. Aside from becoming the gay public’s enemy number one, but he’s got some baby mama on his ass. TMZ reports that he’s got not one, but two pending lawsuits:

In the first suit, Washington Mutual Bank is alleging that Hardaway hasn’t paid his mortgage since last September — with a balance of $715,000 — and is trying to foreclose on his house in Miami-Dade County, FL. (Hardaway used to play for the Miami Heat.)

Meanwhile, Hardaway is also being sued for not paying more than $45,000 in back rent for his Miami-area car wash. The suit, filed in Circuit Court, charges that the business — for which Hardaway is a guarantor on the lease — hasn’t paid rent in several months, dating back to last fall.

That’s the same car wash, of course, that he renamed to avoid a gay boycott.

If Hardaway’s looking for some extra cash money, perhaps he can write a book on how to be not-so-successful homophobe. Getting a book published takes loads of time, though. For a quick buck he could swallow his pride and swallow some sperm. At the market rate of fifty bucks a go, that’s only 15,200 blow jobs. Piece of cake. Or, rather, penis…