Hardy-Har-Har: Stupid Gay Humor


As you can tell, we’re pretty easily entertained. And if there’s one thing, we love a terrible joke. You know, the atrociously corny, grandfather type?

They’re the worst, but we like them anyway. Especially when they’re gay. Here are a few knee slappers for your afternoon. Okay, well, “knee slapper” is a stretch, but that could be a good edition to gay speak. No?

Q: What do you call a gay bar with no place to sit?
A: A fruit stand!

Q: What does the gay pirate say?
A: Aaaaaaaaren’t you gonna suck my dick?

Q: What does a gay man call his testicles?
A: Mud flaps.

Gross. Anyway, we know it’s asking a lot, but we’d love to hear your ridiculously simple gay jokes. Send ’em along.

Gay Speak