Hardy-Har-Har… The Revival II

It’s Thursday afternoon after Valentine’s Day. We don’t about you guys, but we sure could use a laugh. Luckily, it’s been a week since we revived Hardy-Har-Har: Stupid Gay Humor – our completely juvenile, utterly superfluous celebration of gay-centric knee-slappers (a not-so-distant cousin of “shirt lifters”), so we had an arsenal of ready-to-roll roarers rib-ticklers (a more distant cousin).

A few of your offered up some of those old favorites, like the gay horse joke, but others made our whimsical wishes come true with fresh offerings. Reader Paul contributed this gem:

What did one condom say to the other condom in front of the gay bar?
“Let’s go in here and get shitfaced.”

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

Meanwhile, “fermat” puts a queer twist on the “three x walk into y”:

Three gay guys get on an elevator and they see a white, slimey mess on one wall. The first guy goes over and takes a look.

“It looks like cum,” he exclaimed. The second guy walks over.

“And it smells like cum, too,” he proclaimed. Finally, the third guy walks over.

Bending down, he takes a lick of the mess on the wall. “It’s cum alright, but it’s no one from this building.”

A few commentators got grossed out by that, but not us. We loved it.

Speaking of grossed out, we came across some terrible gay jokes, all of which have to deal with AIDS. Ain’t anything funny about AIDS. (Except when it’s spelled AYDS, of course.) They’re so offensive that we’ve decided to put them after the jump.

For those of you who can’t handle an exceedingly guilty laugh and/or being enraged, we suggest you move on. And, everybody, please, we implore you: send us more chuckles. We need them.

Relive Hardy-Har-Har…The Revival.

We won’t even tell you where we found these. All we can say is that it’s an Aryan nation website that features a spinning swastika and a Hitler wallpaper. We found it by googling “stupid faggot”. Do what you will with that information.

What is the first symptom of AIDS?
An extreme pain in the ass!

What do call a queer who doesn’t have AIDS?
A lucky cocksucker!

What does GAY really stand for?
Got Aids Yet?

What does AIDS stand for?
Asshole Injected Death Sentence!

What’s the greatest thing about AIDS?
It can turn a fruit into a vegetable!

What do you give a queer with AIDS for Christmas?

That last one may be the worst of the vile bunch.