Hardy-Har-Har…The Revival

It’s been some time since we allocated space to the celebration of gay-themed jokes, so we thought we’d take a little second to revive the critically acclaimed comedic series, Hardy-Har-Har: Stupid Gay Humor. To get this fresh round started, we did a little detective work and came up with a little sampler of what we’re looking for:

What did one gay sperm say to another?
“How do we find an egg in all of this shit?”

What do you call two gays on a waterbed?
A fruit float!

What’s a homosexual masochist?
A sucker for punishment!

Two faggots were on a sunny beach. The first one said, “Shall I put the umbrella up?” “Yes,” replied the second homo, “But don’t open it, I’m a bit sore!”

That’s some good shit right there, but we long for more. So, we implore you, darling readers, send us some rib ticklers. If you don’t, we promise to make your lives a living hell. How? Well, we’re not sure.

Actually, we don’t really have any control over your lives, so it’s a pretty empty threat. So, we’ll just hope you do it out of love for the game…whatever that means.

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