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  • alan brickman

    He’s innocent!!! Brent Corrigan should be in Jail!!

  • j

    @alan brickman: No one feed the troll please.

  • BubbasBack

    Where is that kid COrrigan in all this? Pass the beer! burp.

  • alan brickman

    Corrigan arranged the murder of his lover mostly with Harlow’s Live in lover…

    No.2 needs to get a life..or a gym…

  • Dane

    Im surprised Harlow is still tryn to get out of jail<..he could get the death penalty next time around..there plenty of buttholes for him and Joe in there< hey Harlow carlton still loves you and wants to help you,,give him a call757`-435-6537..peaceout faggot..

  • Glen.

    Sadly I do believe Harlow & Joe are guilty. There is just too much evidence and they admitted being there on the night. I think Harlow killed him simply because he believed that Bryan had treated Sean badly. Revenge I think for the years of abuse he suffered as a boy. Such a waste of life. Whether or not Sean new about it before hand I do not know. If so then that is something he has to live with as well. I hear lots of people saying that these older men took advantage of the young guys. Maybe so.. but if things were so bad why did they stick around? Get a job.. help from family. I mean seriously.. get the hell out of there!! I think its a case of these young guys needing to face some harsh reality… you made the decisions that lead you to where you are. Deal with it and move on. Dont spend your life blaming someone else. Sad.. very sad.

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