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Harry Potter Just Keeps Getting Gayer

Way before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince made its way into theaters, The Soup was among those who noticed just how gay things were getting in J.K. Rowling’s children’s stories. And we’re not just talking about Dumbledore!

But now that things are winding down in these movie fairytales, the homo factor only seems to be rising, notes Gawker: “Ron [Weasley] adores Harry, naturally. Ron’s always been uneasy around girls and it was chalked up to the fact that he’s clumsy goof. But in the sixth installment, Ron has become a bit of a strapping butch boy and he starts to get noticed by the girls. He plays along but really only lights up when he is around Harry. His supposed crush on Hermione is as lustful as nursing home bingo game. But when Harry’s in the room, Rupert Grint, who plays Ron, blushes, grins, his shoulders roll back and hips sway forward when he talks to Harry. Daniel Radcliffe who has always played Harry a little fey, undulates and titters around Ron. At a quidditch tryout Ron needs to impress Harry in order to make the team. Harry’s eyes stayed locked on Ron as he straddles a broom. When Ron succeeds in blocking a score from the opposing team, Ron leans back on his broom, clutches the broom at its base and points it in Harry’s direction. Harry beams. It is a giant phallic broomstick in between his legs! C’mon people!”

Plenty of you have probably seen the movie by now, so please, weigh in: With Potter & Co. sprinting their way through puberty and into the land of hormones, just how gay is this fantasy world getting? Even though definitive online sources insist Ron Weasley isn’t family, what say you?