As if by magic

This ‘Harry Potter’ star has retired his wand but he’s still casting thirst trap spells

In the Harry Potter universe, you can travel by chimney. With the proper training (and genetic code), you can send an opponent flying across a room, unlock the trickiest of locks with a flick of the wrist, you can even… You get the point.

But while Matthew Lewis, who played the shy and bumbling (and ultimately heroic af) Neville in the film series, has hung up his wand for good, he wasn’t through executing one last transformation spell — from charming lad to woofy adult.

Case in point:

Most recently he can be seen on the British ITV drama series Girlfriends alongside fellow Harry Potter alum Zoë Wanamaker, and even though the show has only aired one episode, there’s a lot to love already.

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See what we mean?