Bush's S.G. Recess Plot Shattered By Senate Session

Harry Reid Halts Holsinger Appointment

Harry Reid’s been playing political cock block in Washington. The Senate majority leader confirmed rumors and used ‘pro forma’ to stop President Bush’s recess appointment of Dr. James Holsinger.

Holsinger, who hopes to be our nation’s next Attorney General Surgeon Gneral, raised our eyebrows with his United Method-backed paper, “Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality”. In that piece of dubious doctoring, Holsinger used plumber slang to prove the “logical complementarity of the human sexes”. The Democrats were not pleased by this blue-color comparison. Holsinger later claimed to have rethought the matter, saying that the 1991 paper “doesn’t represent where I am today”.

Reid went ape shit when he heard Bush planned to sneakily appoint Holsinger during the mammoth two-week Thanksgiving recess. He’s quick to point out that the administration left him no option than to block Bush’s action:

I indicated I would be willing to confirm various appointments if the administration would agree to move on Democratic appointments. They would not make that commitment. As a result, I am keeping the Senate in pro forma [session] to prevent recess appointments until we get this process on track.

The pro forma session technically keeps Senate in session, even though nothing will get done. Sort of sounds like things are already on track.