Smooth Move

Harry’s Shave Company just struck a blow for equality

Harry’s Shave Company just gave a subtle shout-out to the LGBTQ community by featuring a transgender man in one of their company ads.

The new commercial, titled “Shave, or Don’t” features a variety of men in a variety of situations contemplating when and when not to shave, and all the occasions that demand the debate. A narrator describes the different situations as the camera cuts to different scenes.

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The key moment comes as the narrator says “you can shave to feel like you.” As he does, a transgender man, complete with scars from top surgery, steps into frame and inspects his beard.

The inclusion of a transgender man among other, cisgender men marks the continuing growth in acceptance and understanding of the transgender community. In recent years, out-transgender people have risen in notoriety, landing acting roles on TV shows like Pose, becoming star athletes and even retaining political office.