Harvard’s Peed-On Books Just An Accidental Urine Spill

The 36 LGBT books destroyed by urine at Harvard University’s library was not a bias-motivated act of vandalism, but an accident: the Harvard University Police Department investigated the incident and concluded a library staff member accidentally knocked over the bottle of urine and spilled it on the books. It only took two weeks and national attention for the college cops to conclude there was no hate motivation. Not answered: WHY THERE WAS A BOTTLE OF URINE ON THE SHELF.

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  • randy

    Happens all the time……Although it wasn’t a library, and it wasn’t urine, I once left a bodily fluid in a church confessional.

  • John

    Of course, you hear about such “accidents” all the time. Remember when some uncoordinated librarian “accidentally” tipped over that bottle of urine onto all those rightwing publications? Wait, you don’t? Hmm…

  • skzip888

    Its official. The Police aren’t homophobic, but every Policeman in the country just happens to have a homophobic granddaddy they love more than us.

  • Steve

    This honestly leaves more questions than it answers: Why did the librarian do nothing with the piss? Why was it at the library in the first place, much less on a shelf? Why was the urine only found on LGBT books? Whose urine was it? Why did they have it in a bottle?

    An accident? I guess Tony Perkins is a genius then.

  • Devon

    What? You mean there are people out there who don’t keep a fresh bottle of piss on the same shelf as their gay book collection?


  • Jeffree

    Let’s say you worked in a library, or even a retail store, and found a bottle of unknown liquid on a shelf. Why on earth would you open it to see what it is? Makes zero sense!

    How would that bottle end up spilled on only certain portions of the library’s/store’s collection’?

    So many questions, so few answers.

    Based on the link to the Harvard Crimson newspaper, the school will replace the books—that ‘s the good news, but until someone steps forward to claim “mea culpa” I won’t quite believe this was solely an accident.

    Well said!

  • scribe

    @randy: dude what the hell… That comment made me spit out my drink… lol

  • scribe

    @randy: MY drink was wine by the way. I know how you dudes think

  • jack

    I accidentally slipped on a dirty diaper the other day. I hear it happens all the time that open dirty diapers are left on busy sidewalks.

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