Harvey Fierstein Has No “Tolerance” For Orson Scott Card’s Opinion On Gays

harveyLook at that asshole [Orson Scott Card] that wrote this new Harrison Ford movie [Ender’s Game]. I think that you can have any opinion you want, but at least be willing to take the consequences of your opinion. It’s like, “Well, I hope that people will be more understanding,” or what did he say? “More tolerant of my views.” The quotes that got me about him weren’t against gay marriage — he wanted homosexuality criminalized in the United States. That’s what he called for. You want me to be tolerant of you wanting to criminalize homosexuality? Fuck you on your grave, you piece of shit.”


–The always refreshingly outspoken Harvey Fierstein weighs in on the controversial Ender’s Game author in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter

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  • jeff4justice

    Amen. Funny how the the new line by the anti-LGBT people is how they just want to be tolerated for their intolerance… No,a actually not funny. Fuck them indeed.

  • Deepdow

    Why am I seeing a Stoli Ad on this website?

  • Scribe38

    Let him have it Harvey!

  • Caliban

    What really pisses me off is how recent articles, probably planted by the Ender’s Game people, make it sound as if “all” Orson Scott Card did was say he was against gay marriage, as if it were an off-hand, one time statement he made, and those mean old gays are making a big deal out of it.

    Uh, NO. Card is on the BOARD of NOM, probably the best known and most vocal anti-marriage equality group in the country. He has said that homosexuality should be criminalized, up to and including imprisonment. He has equated homosexuality with pedophilia, including writing the novel “Hamlet’s Father,” which is basically a long screed about gay men as child rapists who want to screw their own sons.

    So don’t give me this “poor little OSC” bullshit! And Dustin Lance Black (or whatever his name is) can take his excuses for Card and shove them. The crew and most of the cast of the movie have already been payed for their work. I don’t imagine Harrison Ford will be out on the street anytime soon. Card is one of the CO-PRODUCERS of the film and stands to make more money based on ticket sales, some of which will no doubt go to NOM or fund his anti-gay work.

    But now he has this movie coming out and all the sudden it’s “if you boycott it’s YOU who is being unfair.” Uh-huh. Right.

  • BigWoody

    Spoken in an emphatic gravely baratone…
    “Fuck you on your grave, you piece of shit.”

    I LOVE me some Harvey realness!

  • petensfo

    “Fuck you on your grave, you piece of shit.”

    God, I love him! lol

    Tolerate your intolerance of gay people? I think Harvey sums it up rather eloquently. :)

  • Daniel-Reader

    Awesome. Go Harvey!

    The Stoli ads (aka Russian Vodka) are disturbing on Queerty.

  • jwrappaport

    Loved him ever since Mrs. Doubtfire. Go girl!

  • stfallon1028

    Harvey Fierstein where have you been all my life? Go girl!

  • Sara Hoyt

    I don’t usually read much news, and so I feel horrified to learn that one of my favorite authors has such a negative opinion. I feel sad at this revelation. I don’t think I can stop reading his books even after learning this though. The Ender’s Game series has always been one of my favorite SF series.

  • JT Hawkins

    @jeff4justice: Thank you!!! I totally agree.

  • Robyn

    Always seem to agree with my man Harvey!

  • Charles Etheridge

    I agree too. And to think that Card was always one of my favorite writers.

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