Harvey Milk To Be Honored With One SFO Terminal, Not Entire Airport


After initiating a proposal that would rename San Francisco International Airport after slain city supervisor and gay rights champion Harvey Milk, Supervisor David Campos has surrendered the entire airport in exchange for naming one terminal in Milk’s honor.

The change in plans comes after weeks of negotiation with fellow supervisors that weren’t too hot for the idea. Instead, they believe the airport’s new name should honor Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who was instrumental in pushing the airport’s construction.

The deal was made quietly behind closed doors to try and squash public controversy before Campos’ run for state Assembly in 2014. “I think this is something that is going to bring everyone together,” Campos said. “One thing people agree on is that Harvey Milk should be honored.”

Airport Commission President Larry Mazzola opposed the airport’s renaming, and has assembled a 13-member committee to look into the issue.