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  • SacramentoGayMen

    The same Equality California and Geoff Kors that so royally fucked up the media campaign against Prop 8. Remember, the ad campaign that never included a gay person. Harvey Milk would’ve tossed today’s gay bureaucrats out on their ears – deservedly!

  • AndrewW

    “Devoted his life.” Bull shit. Kors is just making a living off of our struggle.

    Just like Joe Solmonese (HRC), Jarrett Barrios (GLAAD), Rea Carey (NGLTF) and many others. They have an incentive to delay – their paychecks – and no incentive to actually succeed. That’s why most of us have stopped supporting their phony “efforts.”

  • Nicholas from NicholasLand

    Didn’t he bungle overcoming Prop 8?
    Didn’t Harvey Milk think it was bullsh-t not to have ads featuring gay people, which Prop 8 did not? It had people talking about gay people. Why so scared of the gay PEOPLE?

  • Cassandra

    There are several possible explanations for Geoff Kors and his peers, regarding the disaster they made of the fight of Prop 8:

    1) they are simply extraordinarily incompetent

    2) they deliberately threw the campaign to ensure work and pay for themselves in the future.

    3) they are quislings who were promised material or political rewards for sabotaging the no on 8 campaign

    4) All of the above simultaneously

  • Demont

    The most shocking under-reported story of 2008 is that Geoff Kors and another Prop 8 campaign leader, Lori Jean, went on long vacations just weeks before the election, the most critical time in the campaign. Kors went to Spain and Jean went to Alaska. I believe Kors’s vacation lasted 3 weeks. By the time they both got back, we had fallen behind in the polls and in fundraising and never recovered in time. When he says he dedicates his life to the cause, he means except for that long holiday before the biggest electoral contest in gay history.

  • alan brickman

    what about their expense accounts???

  • Josh NYC

    Pathetic. Just pathetic.

    And we wonder why we can’t make any progress. Kors isn’t very bright and he isn’t very honest.

  • Trooper

    So Kors went to Spain, Jean went to Alaska right before Prop 8… and Joe Solmonese of HRC just got back from a trip to London – during the most crucial last minute push for ENDA and DADT. Simply unbelievable.

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