Has Drew Droege’s “Chloe” Sold Out?

Sassy Gay Friend used to be funny until he started using his video spoofs to whore out MiO water flavoring. When Randall of Honey Badger fame did an ad for Grasshopper phone systems, all his videos afterwards paled in the Honey Badger’s shadow. And now that Drew Droege is advertising Alexis Bitar jewelry on his latest Chloe Sevigny video, will the Indie Queen of Pretension go the unfunny way of his gay comedic predecessors? Judging by the video above, we’d say it’s 60 percent likely—though we do love Chloe’s invisible hat and rabbit mask.

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  • John

    Sassy Gay Friend is NOT funny

  • Ruddigore

    The problem is that Chloe Sevigny doesn’t make good fodder for parody, and not enough people know who she is. I’ll stick with “Very Mary Kate”, which always makes me laugh, plus she has “Bodyguard” (see the episode entitled “Naked”).

    Also, “Husbands” is fairly entertaining.

  • Jamie

    I think the product placement totally works here because name-dropping is what Chloe’s all about. Hell, ALL of the Chloe videos have had product placement, it’s just that now Drew’s actually getting paid for it.

  • Paul

    It’s recently come to my attention that I love Chloe. Hey, a girl’s gotta eat, right? Good for her to get paid for what she’s been doing all along. Sassy Gay friend is hilarious and the Mio ads add a comedic angle to the skits that blend in well and are not in your face, “flip it, tip it, sip it you stupid bitch”.

  • queertypie

    I recently saw “Honey Badger” clips used in a Pistachio growers commercial on TV. Honey Badger don’t give a shit!

  • Cinesnatch

    To place Sassy Gay Friend in Drew’s company shows how little eye for quality queerty has.

    Or what John said.

    Another queerty fail.

  • i. Turner

    I’m delighted that Drew is making a buck.

    Yes, even a genius has to eat . . . ostrich egg salad with caviar on Zwieback and Absolut Berri Açai over Perfect Water ice shards.

    I adore Drew and his Chloe series. And anything else he does.

  • the crustybastard

    I plotzed.

    “Azzessories” and “Svatch.” Damn.

  • newcityspot

    Another genius vid. Yay!

  • Lester

    These videos have me scratching my head. Sometimes I even Youtube videos of the actual Chloe just to be sure I’m not missing something – and you know what, I’m not. Maybe Drew’s act would work better if he were marketing these videos and performances as a parody a type of female and not the actual Chloe Sevigny, but as an impersonation it’s off, wrong, and just plain unfunny. Find a new joke, Drew. Please. We don’t get it.

  • Japhet

    It never ceases to amaze me how people who sell their time and work for money on a daily basis feel they have any kind of right to criticize another person for not wanting to continue working for free.

  • Kyle

    @Lester: You mean -you- don’t get it.

  • Ernst

    @Lester: And you think the joke is supposed to be the accuracy of his impersonation of Chloe? Boy, you really *don’t* get it.

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