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Has Fabulous Beekman Boy Brent Finally Stopped Seeking His Mother’s Approval?

It’s Thanksgiving on the Beekman Boys’ farm, and it’s time for Josh and Brent’s parents to meet for the first time! But first we’re going to have to get through Brent’s mommy issues, like the ones where he thinks he’s a disappointment to mama ’cause he’s gay.

It’s about time we got to the Freudian source behind Brent’s neuroses! His mother Linda didn’t tell Brent she loved him until college. They didn’t hug enough. He hid his sexuality from her for so long. She wasn’t so accepting — at first. And now they engage in mutual OCD tendencies!

Unconditional love, y’all.

Will Fabulous Beekman Boys Brent + Josh’s Relationship Survive Their Cheese Challenges?

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  • Mike

    These are two of the most horrible people ever

  • Mike

    Love the show. Love. Love. Love the show.

  • Alexander A.

    The show’s a little dry, but not bad. It’s good for watching while hungover on a Saturday morning… very pastoral and serene. Plus it’s good casting: Brent’s cute but needy, and Josh is fun but balding. And farmer John’s probably the only sane one, just rolling his eyes at those needy queens. And Brent has mommy issues? Shocker.

  • Sug Night

    Boys in the Band Part II….bitchy queens right from central casting. Some episodes are decent, others a total bitch fest. Isn’t there medication for OCD??? He needs to whip up a batch in his largest Martha Stewart green milk glass mixing bowl!

  • Sceth

    “I could see how it would be very difficult to live with Brent.” Just what you’d expect your mom to say about you.

  • Jeffree

    May I suggest family therapy ?

    There are meds & behavioral treatments for OCD. Many people are so proud of their ocd they just avoid getting help.

    This show reminds me of “Green Acres” where two cityfolk buy a farm leading to bad plotlines & occassional bits of hilariousness.

    They need to man up & stop whiiiiiining so much.

  • Sug Night

    Yeah, you’re right. The one who used to be a drag queen is so whimpy and whiney. Where’s the fun in their lives and the joy in their relationship? Are they editing out these moments and leaving us with the contentious parts of the relationship only?

  • The Artist

    Welcome 2 the realm of relationships! PEACELUVNBWILD!

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