Has MTV Newsman John Norris Been Axed?

The Global Financial Hobo Apocalypse knocked on the door of Viacom today as the media giant laid-off 850 employees, which includes, according to an unconfirmed anonymous rumor made to Gawker, perpetually angry-face MTV correspondent John Norris.

Norris has been with MTV for 15 years (making him the MTV equivalent of Tom Brokaw) and he’s hosted everything from a program on the death of gay student Matthew Shepard to interviews with former Secretary General Kofi-Anan and Mariah Carey.

Like many of you, we know Norris as that guy who tried to take us home from the Limelight when we were nineteen. We still remember sitting at the banquette, phalanxed on both sides by MTV interns and being told by Norris “You know who I am” before watching him pass out on the table.

One of the interns turned to us and intoned seriously, “You know not to tell anyone about this”, to which our younger, twinkier self replied “Who would we tell?” totally unawares that one-day we would wind up the Internet’s go-to gay.

While our heart goes out to the Viacom folks let off today, we can all take small consolation in a silver lining: There’s at least one MTV intern today who’s delirious that his weekend plans have suddenly opened up.

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