Has Spain Found An HIV Vaccine That Really Works?

After exploring how cholesterol, super monkeys, and glowing cats all figure into the battle against HIV, researchers in Spain may have found a potential HIV vaccine that would make HIV comparable to modern-day herpes.

It’s too early to start rolling up our sleeves for an injection just yet—only 22 out of 24 test subjects developed an HIV-immune response after being given the MVA-B vaccine and only 19 of those 22 still showed an immune response one year after treatment. But head researcher Professor Mariano Esteban at the National Biotech Centre in Madrid says that he plans to take the vaccine into Phase II and III of clinical trials with the next step being to testing the vaccine’s therapeutic effect in HIV-positive people.

Could we see an HIV vaccine developed within the next five years? It’s still too early to tell, but we can hope.

Image via Prefeitura de Olinda