UPDATE: Uganda To Continue Civil Discussion Over “Killing Gays” On Friday

UPDATE: Nevermind, Uganda will continue the hate parade on Friday.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Ugandan parliament has dropped plans to discuss the “Kill the Gay” bill which was originally fast-tracked for a discussion and possible vote today. But don’t count it out just yet…

The future of the bill remained murky. Wednesday was parliament’s last scheduled day of session, and President Yoweri Museveni was scheduled on Thursday to be sworn in after his February re-election. It wasn’t clear if the bill could be carried forward to the next session or if the bill’s author would have to offer a new bill, which he has said he will do if needed….

Online petitions from the groups Avaaz and Allout said they had gathered more than 1.4 million signatures. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called the bill’s progress deeply alarming. A U.S. congressman said if the bill passes he would urge huge cuts in international aid, and the U.S. State Department again voiced its opposition.

That doesn’t mean that the bill is dead. In fact there’s a slim chance it could move out of committee and onto the floor if a Parliament member makes a motion to do so.

Via Towleroad