Has XTube.com Been Hijacked?


A Queerty reader who is likely violating his employer’s office protocols alerts us that XTube.com, your destination for all things free porn, is now redirecting to a spam link landing page instead of hours and hours of SeanCody.com footage. A look at the xtube.com domain name registration shows the domain record was modified yesterday, but we’ve yet to see any reports on the web.

The current homepage:


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  • Jon B

    The same thing recently happened with Dudevu.com I wonder if the powers-that-be are cracking down on porn servers.

  • terrwill

    shit-fuck-damm-piss-hell!!! This is HORRIBLE news!! Xtube was the one site where one could see full legnth, high quality porn with a wide variety of choices for free…………Anyone else got other sites they can reccommmend??????

  • Peter

    No I wasn’t violating anyone’s work protocol sweetie, but nice try.

  • Jon B

    Gaywatch.com is pretty good. They have full length high quality vids. It’s just not as easy to search. Have fun :P

  • Aaron

    Yeah, I noticed this last night. So annoying!! hehe

  • Cam

    Some porn company probably paid them to shut down, they’ve got to be killing the retail porn business.

  • bystander

    just as long as they stay away from gay-torrents.net

  • Kieren

    seems to be back online now

  • Keith Kimmel

    “No. 7 · bystander

    just as long as they stay away from gay-torrents.net”


  • Scottie

    Lord Jesus, please don’t take away my free gay porn. It’s all I’ve got to help me sleep.

  • Helga von ornstein


  • Helga von ornstein

    I wouldn’t be surprised if X-tube decided to cave in and sell while there is still something there to get. In order to stay in business (or online) they too had to sell something (they did have advertisements on their site) and there is where the “problem” was.

    If porn advertisement has shrunk for both print and online sites why would upstarts (or desperate established companies) keep advertising on a site where if it isn’t free people are not going to watch (nor click on). They stopped paying and the people at X-Tube surely were not going to keep sitting at a desktop updating things and not get paid. Something had to give.

    It’s all about money regardless of how “free” it is. Keep in mind if you want to download a clip off of free sites you have to be a paid member. What does that tell you?

  • *J_C*

    gaytube.com is ok share the same videos most of the time

  • Moe

    Redtube.com is also excellent, very much like xtube, not quite as good but almost!

  • noclosets

    who ever or whatever happened to the xtube web site owes me small amount of $ from my account, and the suedo site thats in its place should try something ethical like disclosing itself or providing something comparable to the former instead of the same ol garbage – like dido, dido, dido, . so much for net nuetrality more like net neutered ality

  • Julius

    Seems to be back – must have been a temp outage.

  • Mika

    Yeah I’m getting there just fine. Maybe they were just down for the day…

  • tre

    seems to be back down now not even looking up


    I like to go to (itsallgay.com) it’s one of my favorites.

  • schlukitz

    Yep yep. I spent a good portion of the evening surfing xtube.com for hot gay action. Found some pretty hot stuff too! ;)

  • Jacqui Smith

    I like gayforit. With a neat little trick you can watch all their videos (block the cookies… child’s play)

  • Kyle

    It’s back up.

  • Engleleasd

    sites like xtube are on TimeToTag


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