Hopes, Dreams They Can Work It Out

Hasselbeck Not Rosie’s Friend

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s finally broken her silence on her public (and ugly) falling out with former colleague, Rosie O’Donnell.

Hasselbeck sits down with Access Hollywood this evening to discuss the ins and outs of the women’s dead friendship:

You know, truthfully, I think a friend is someone who you have positive communications with, so I don’t know if I would define us as friends right now.

Hasselbeck isn’t ruling out the possibility that she and the lesbian entertainer won’t rekindle their “challenging” relationship. She did, however, express concern about Rosie’s recent blog comment, “I never tried harder to be friends with someone…I don’t think we ended up there”.

Scatching her pretty little head, Hasselbeck tells Access, “She sent me two emails right after that and I sent her one back. It was a really great email, so hearing these things after really surprises me.”

The former Survivor contender then looked up and squealed, “Oh my god! Did you know that sky thing’s blue?? Crazy!”