Hastert Failed To File Foley Legal Bills

The Mark Foley scandal got an extra epilogue today. The Washington Post> reports that former House speaker Dennis “Hasturd” Hastert settled with the Federal Election Commission after failing to file his Foley-related legal bills.

According to FEC documents, Hastert (R-Ill.) failed to disclose in early January 2007 that his 2006 reelection campaign had run up $147,000 in legal bills stemming from his connection with the Foley investigation. Hastert agreed to settle the matter and pay a $1,000 penalty.

Through the first half of 2007, Hastert raised more than $540,000 in campaign funds. More than $130,000 of that went toward paying off old legal bills, FEC records show. On Sept. 30, the end of the most recent reporting period, Hastert had $1,557.86 in his campaign account but more than $52,000 in outstanding debts. That includes the last $11,000 owed to his law firm, McKenna, Long & Aldridge, which represented Hastert during the Foley probe.

Hastert was complicit in Foley’s explicit exchanges with underage Congressional pages: they failed to heed reported warning about the Congressman’s carnal pursuits.