Iraq War Continues To Fuck Equality

Hate Crime Bill In Legislative Quagmire

Washington politicos were pretty clever when they attached Hate Crimes laws to a Defense Department appropriate bill. That plan, however, seems to be biting them in the ass. The insanely prolific Lou Chibbaro Jr. reports:

The fate of a gay- and transgender-inclusive hate crimes bill was called into question this week when gay-supportive members of the House of Representatives threatened to vote against a defense authorization bill to which the measure is attached.

As many as 20 House Democrats who are strong gay rights supporters indicated they might vote against the National Defense Authorization Act because it includes provisions that support President Bush’s efforts to continue the Iraq war, Capitol Hill sources said.

The Washington Blade article goes on to say that about 180 conservative politicians from both parties will vote against the bill unless hate crimes stipulations are removed. Rumor has it Speaker Nancy Pelosi will announce the vote’s delay for after the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s unclear whether gay group Human Rights Campaign will count “nay” votes against traditionally gay friendly politicians, as they did with the non-inclusive ENDA. We currently have a call into the non-profits DC office and will let you know what they have to say.