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Hate Crimes Headed To The House?

The House of Representatives will be getting even more gay over the next few days. Less than a week after passing the non-inclusive ENDA, America’s politicos seem poised to vote on the Senate-approved Hate Crimes Bill. Human Rights Campaign’s Chris Johnson passes on the exciting news:

Following a meeting with Capitol Hill legislative staff this afternoon, our legislative team sent word that the House will likely appoint conferees tomorrow to the Department of Defense authorization bill.

The conferees are likely to meet on Wednesday and are expected to file the conference report before midnight tomorrow. We’re also hearing that the conference report will be ready for floor action on Thursday, but that could slip to Friday.

That damn legislation sure does get slippery!

Johnson goes on to explain that if the House approves the bill, which has been tacked on to a Department of Defense authorization bill, President Bush will have ten days to sign or veto the measure. We all know how that one’s going to work out.