Politicos Argue Over Defense Act's Amendment

Hate Crimes Vote Officially Delayed Until December

Hate crimes legislation remains in legislative limbo. Defense News confirms that Washington’s politicos will not vote on the controversial measure until December:

Congressional action on the 2008 Defense Authorization Act will be delayed until early December, House aides said Nov. 15. The Pentagon funding and policy bill, which was supposed to pass by Oct. 1, has stalled over hate crimes legislation that was added to it by the Senate.

A number of conservative politicians from both parties have criticized leaders for attaching the legislation to the appropriations bill.

Indiana’s Representative Brad Ellsworth remarked, “Regardless of how you feel about the hate crimes language, it doesn’t belong on a national defense bill.” The plus side of all this is that President Bush ain’t getting what he wants: more money for his bloody war. That’s sort of a silver lining, right?