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Hate & Fear Send Fox News Ratings Skyrocketing (Straight to Hell)


All of Bill O’Reilly’s hypocrisy, Sean Hannity’s idiot logic, Laura Ingraham’s nasty comments, and Glenn Beck’s fearmongering have done the unthinkable: Not only made Fox News the top rated cable news network, but made it the second-most watched channel of any cable network. It’s the type of thing even Rupert Murdoch should be ashamed of.

Fox News Channel continued its ratings tear last week, coming in second place again among all cable channels in primetime. This is the fifth straight week that Fox News has placed second in cable and more emphatic proof that the network is thriving under the Obama administration.

Fox News averaged 2.15 million viewers in primetime for the week ending March 22, 2009. Only USA (3.16 million) averaged more. CNN came in 21st with an average 914,000 total viewers, and MSNBC placed 23rd with an average of 886,000 total viewers. All figures are according to Nielsen Media Research. [HuffPo]

How to Get Bill O’Reilly to Care About You

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  • Sarina

    There are more open-minded cable news channels. Add them up, and the ratings would be bigger than Bigot News. Fox News has as much credibility as Britney Spears’s acting skills.

  • blah

    Just because you’ve read the Koran don’t mean you’re an Islamist.

    It’s good to know what the idiots think. It’s like watching Homer Simpson for me.

    I also know what products not to buy from seeing which companies put spots around those shows.

  • rick

    i am of the opinion people are tuning into fox news to see the trainwreck, americans LOVE a good trainwreck.

    the programs are claustrophobic, homophobic and LOUD.

    i don’t know why anyone would want to go on fox news and be yelled at.

    billo is now stalking women over state lines. their days are numbered.

  • rick

    @Sarina: gots to say it, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! hehe.

  • BillyBob Thornton

    re: Sarina

    Good point, I never thought about that. Typically the republican minded people are more involved in politics and are more likely to contact politicians and vote. And the democratic minded are less like to do the same. It looks as if President Obama has turned that around. Let’s hope it continues.

    p.s. The new moniker for liberal=progressive, shouldn’t the republicans now be called “regressives”? Works for me!!

  • AZgaybe

    terrorist news-unfair, unbalanced, full of white american bullshit-lets all cheer and eat more cheese puffs!

  • Ogre

    As more Americans become unemplyed, more Americans are sitting at home. It’s not surprising that the conservative Americans who have lost their jobs, would be sitting in front of the TV watching Fox news tell them that the liberals stole their jobs and gave them to illegal immigrants and women. When the economy turns around and all those conservatives go back to work, Fox’s ratings will plummet.

  • Michael W.

    @rick: “billo is now stalking women over state lines. their days are numbered.”

    Their days are numbered? LOL. Did you read the post here? Yeah, those days are numbered alright. 365×4 at the very least.

    Fox thrived under a Republican administration and now they’re thriving under a Democratic one. They offer an oversimplified, entertaining product that Americans love. They’re not going anywhere so long as the demand remains.

    And it’s the addition of Glenn Beck that pushed them to this new plateau. He began slaughtering his competition at CNN and MSNBC from jump. He’s now 2nd only to O’Reilly with a possibility of overtaking him. Chris Matthews isn’t visible in his rearview mirror. CNN’s gotta be pissed that they didn’t see his potential and put him to better use.

  • michael

    There is a negativity that has consumed America. Every day its a new disaster or impending disaster. Each day another political leader, business leader or religious leader is exposed for he or she’s lack of integrity or downright moral hypocrisy. The U.S. economic collapse is completely based on unethical and immoral business practices, yet the very people that caused these things are being rewarded with bail outs and bonuses. Americans are loosing their homes and their jobs. America is a train wreck and about half the country’s citizens are dumber than a box of rocks. One would think hard times would open peoples minds and force them to change. But its not. Hatred and blame are the ways of victimhood and the arrogance and ignorance of Americans does not leave much room for taking responsibility for its own situation. Fox News plays into this mentality, this victimhood, this basic lack of intelligence that is the standard operating system for so many. They use the masses the way Hitler used the German masses. They play into the victimhood of the American people and from that they gain their power. I don’t think the U.S. is going to awaken anytime soon. Its like an alcoholic that has not met the right consequences that will bring the much needed humility for change. And like most drunks America is not going to change till its almost to late. Poor Obama is trying to hide the liquor bottle but thats a job no one can pull off forever. God bless America cause it can use all the help it can get.

  • rick

    @Michael W.: they are a trainwreck and people are not taking them seriously anymore. trust me the cultural shift is happening. as long as there are people pointing out the endless lies their days are numbered.

    i wish someone would give that charles krauthheimer or what ever his name is an enema he always looks so constipated.

  • rick

    LMFAO! murdoch has lost half of his money! he has been laying off people right and left in his foreign newspapers and television holdings. and i know this not just from keith olbermann but because i have reading foreign papers.

    remember sarah palin and all of her high ratings? it was people like myself lying to pollsters. did you notice how well obama got elected? no margin for error?

    we are watching the implode. and watch glenn beck cry!

    they all seem to think they are norman beale but they forget the ending of the movie and the fact that norman was NUTS!

    for those not as old as i, i am making a reference to the movie NETWORK.

    billo spends half of his show defending himself.

    the end is coming.

  • michael

    Civil Unions in Hawaii have died in the senate.

    The governor of Vermont is planning to veto legalizing gay marriage.

    Yeah, America’s getting better and there is a cultural shift. Yeah, right. The rest of the world is learning its lesson and it won’t be looking to America to sustain its economies and lead the world. The United States is one big pig pit. It is reaping what it has sown for decades. Hold on to your seat belts and just watch how bad it is all going to get.

  • Michael W.

    Rupert Murdoch losing a lot of money doesn’t have the same repercussions for him as it does us. When he loses money, he’s still a billonaire tycoon with chances to take more risks and replace his losses in the future. When we lose a lot of money, we’re looking for a bankruptcy court.

    And I tell you one venture where he’s not losing money and will continue to invest in cause he regards it as one of his biggest prizes: the Fox News Channel. It’s a cash cow for Murdoch’s News Corps.

  • DWhite

    OK, everyone has the right to their opinions, but Americans are just getting plain stupid. Aren’t we all Americans here? Just because someone watches a freakin’ television station, you have to call them dumb? Clearly, the article above is pointing to the fact that there are a ton of Americans that the message of FOX News speaks to. Instead of insulting them, do what progressives are supposed to do and empathize with them and try to find out why they disagree? Or are we so entrenched on “us vs them” that we have to villify everyone in the country that doesn’t agree with us?

  • RJ

    Whenever I feel stupid I just tune into Fox News. I don’t feel stupid any more!

  • Dan

    Fox News is beating MSLSD and CNN combined and then some!! How is that for you progressive mental patients huh? You are just mad that the right wing is still populated. We will be there to pick up the pieces when the idiot Obama is proven to be a the failure that he is.

  • bob

    liberals and catholics want a one world goverment under the antichrist. glen beck is right, tech from area 51 is being used to brain wash america. fox news is the worlds only hope!!! obama isnt even a american he is a islam agent.

  • jason

    Is it Fox News or Fraud News?

  • mo

    Fox News is trash. Trash sells. Whenever I flip past Fox News, it’s like Jerry Springer – a host screaming at some guest to shut up or some liberal group or another being vilified. It’s all mindless negativity to reinforce the opinions of right wingers 24/ 7. Their beliefs and and positions will never be challenged on Fox News, just reinforced. That’s why they love it.

  • terry stevens

    When will the “LIBERALS” take note and follow the rest of America. I would rather hear animals mating than listen to the other news programs. I get the “REAL NEWS” from Fox. They tell it like IT IS and let the people make their decisions. If you can’t take the heat, go to Iran, Afghanistan, or one of those countries. They will definietly treat you with respect, LOL. We have our rights and you Liberal Damopcrats, yes, I spelled it correctly, have them also. You just read and listen to everything. You would rather be TOLD how to vote or told WHAT the other news? organizations want you to do. You act like a bunch of wussies. Fox tells you the news and lets you decide not the other way around. GET A LIFE!!!!! I wonder what you will think when our great country is going down the tubes because of what you DON’T know or what you think. I am an independent, I vote for the person whom I think will do the best job. I have voted Republican, Democrat, and Independent. As my patch on my “American Legion Rider” vest says, “FUBAR”, and that is what we are going to be if you don’t see the truth coming from the other news agencies. I pity you. More power to the listeners who can listen and readers that can read. Those will be the ones that take our country back an make it great again.

  • jason

    2.15 million people? LOL. In a country with more than 300 million, this is a small percentage. Keep a perspective on it.

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