Hate Group for Moms Creates Hate Group for Dads

onemillionmomsOh, look, just what the world needs more of: an organization for men who like to boss everyone around. At last!

You probably remember One Million Moms, the anti-gay Facebook group that has repeatedly rallied around a shared dislike of anything queer. Basically, whenever they see a show saying something that they don’t like, they call and harass the advertisers.

And now they’re spinning off into One Million Dads, which is basically exactly the same thing, but for men. Oh, good.

As of this writing, One Million Moms has 70,152 followers on Facebook, which is just 929,848 people away from reaching the membership that is their actual name. In contrast, One Million Dads has 400 members, so they should be closing in on that one-million mark aaaaaaany day now.

OMD is going to be a division of the American Family Association, which is an organization so crazily bigoted they returned a donation because it was sent to them in an envelope with a Harvey Milk stamp. You can expect the usual dumb rhetoric from this new One Million Dads project: protesting things like a cracker commercial with two dads; or Ellen talking about her marriage; or use of the word “manhole” in prime time.

You know, exactly the kind of stuff that Jesus would have wanted them to devote their energy towards.

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