Hate Group Leader: Massachusetts’ Pro-Transgender Schools Are Like Nazi Camps

brian_camenkerWhen you talk to some of these ex-trangenders, the horrible things that it does to them is just astounding. It’s insanity.

A boy cannot change his sex. Your DNA does not change. And you can call yourself something different, you can dress differently, you can take hormones, you are always a boy.

And these school administrators, you know, you think of them as like the Nazi concentration camp guards must have been like, where they’re doing this horrible evil, and, you know, they’re just taking orders or something… they believe in it.

And people need to rise up because it’s only going to get worse.”

MassResistance President Brian Camenker, explaining how new Massachusetts Department of Education’s new guidelines protecting transgender students actually are harming them, to VCY America Radio’s Crosstalk.


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  • vklortho

    Because we take into account the chromosomes or reproductive capability of most people we meet when we gender them, amirite?

  • Thedrdonna

    @vklortho: Oh, totally! I like, also, how the effect of this is basically “Oh hey, CAIS women, guess what? You’re totally men now. Please only use male restrooms and stop it with all this silly ‘being a woman’ lie you’re trying to perpetrate. We’re on to you!”

  • BeautifulLightInsteadOfHate

    This guy is just worried about seeing his white male “privilege” slipping away
    and that he can’t stand to see anyone different than him and his entourage given
    the right to make it in this world w/ a level playing field. His words speak for
    themselves, he wants to paint everyone into a tiny little box and if you don’t
    fit in that tiny little box then you must be being controlled in some way! Guess
    Brian Camenker doesn’t understand (nor I bet has he even tried to do thorough research)
    that we all start off as females, and that some of us have female or male brains yet
    our bodies changed in the opposite direction while the brain continued to develop
    in the other! And the only transgender candidates that are able to have their brains studied (for accurate non-substance analysis)after they die are substance-abuse free, just in the same way that they do other brain studies that don’t involve
    substance-addictive behavior. I am just waiting for the day that at least most of us
    can celebrate each others unique design, instead of trying to destroy it and make
    fun of it just because it doesn’t fit the mainstream society’s view of what a
    person should be.

  • Musk

    Brian doesn’t strike me as someone who’s all that

  • Billysees

    Good-or-bad, right-or-wrong, like-it-or-not, it can be accepted that —

    The LORD is the one who directs a person’s steps. How then can anyone understand everything about his own way ? ……….Pro 20:24

    Putting it simply, go with the flow.

    Remembering that He’ll never leave us or forsake us.

  • SkeeterVT

    The only thing in that quote about transgenders from Brian Camenker that is true is that you cannot change your DNA. But you CAN change just about everything else.

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