Hate Group Wages War Of Words And Fake Signatures Against CA’s Trans Student Law

privacy-for-all-studentsEvil seems to be having a bad week, as Prop. 8 mastermind Frank Schubert and his minions may not be able to get away with picking on vulnerable trans youth in California.

We previously reported on the anti-LGBT group “Privacy For All Students,” who have mobilized as of late to challenge California’s “School Success and Opportunity Act” that gives transgender students from K-12 the right to choose facilities and activities based upon their gender identity.

This was the same group that was given $5k by Jelly Belly chairman Herman Rowland, Sr. to collect enough signatures to put a referendum to the act on the ballot for 2014, but it turns out that a lot of these signatures aren’t passing the smell test.

According to the Washington Blade, of the over 600,000 signatures submitted by Privacy For All Students, only 75% of them are being deemed authentic in the review process. In order to qualify for the ballot, the signatures need to average an 81% authenticity rate, and 95% or more of the 504,760 signatures needed must be valid.

Activists in California are fairly optimistic that there is little chance for the referendum to make the ballot in 2014, and are infuriated that it even went this far.

“This is an attack on perhaps the most vulnerable population in our community,” Equality California Executive Director John O’Connor said. “They’ve solidly lost on marriage, and so now they’re going to try to go after transgender kids. It’s just despicable.”