Hates-The-Gays Gets The All-Star Boot

In their continuing efforts to distance themselves from homo-hating Tim Hardaway, the NBA has banned the former Miami Heat guard from attending this weekend’s All-Star Game in Las Vegas. NBA Commissioner David Stern again reiterated that the league doesn’t support Hardaway’s comments. He also encouraged the country to discuss the larger issues and said he’s not surprised by the context:

This is an issue overall that has fascinated America. It’s not an NBA issue…This is a country that needs to talk about this issue. And, not surprisingly, they use sports as a catalyst to begin the dialogue.

Meanwhile, Hardaway again apologized for saying he hates gay people and admitting that he’s a homophobe, a word he can barely pronounce. Harnessing the power of history, Hardaway insisted:

As an African-American, I know all too well the negative thoughts and feelings hatred and bigotry cause. I regret and apologize for the statements that I made that have certainly caused the same kinds of feelings and reactions.

I especially apologize to my fans, friends and family in Miami and Chicago. I am committed to examining my feelings and will recognize, appreciate and respect the differences among people in our society.

Cue the publicist-endorsed trip to bigot rehab.

(Also, please note we’ve change Hardaway’s nick name from “Hate-A-Gay” to “Hates-The Gays”. It’s more universal, much like his distaste for the dick tasters.)