Anita Buffem Is Podcasting For Her Life!

When Anita Buffem first enters the room in platform hot pink stilettos she does so in baby steps….steps so bouncy, that her chesty buxomness bounces up, down, up, down along with her. A  blend of Posh and Ginger. As if Lisa Vanderpump and Jessica Rabbit had a baby…who was raised by Fran Drescher.

transformation Anita M Buffem Travis Barr drag queen 01For 7 years now, Anita along with her partner in drag, Gina Marie Rittale have been making their mark all over NYC with their comedy troupe, The Haus Of Mimosa. The two sing live with comedy banter layered throughout and do it most often for brunch. NYC day drag realness!

This year Anita and the Haus are going back to their roots….no, not black…unless it’s an ombre lace front. The troupe started off as a podcast and have brought back Haus Of Mimosa : The Podcast (listen to podcast below) in which Travis Barr (Anita) and Steven Incammicia (Gina Marie) chew the fat as their boy selves with their real girl girlfriend, Michelle Bessoir on hot topics going on in pop culture from Idina Menzel going flat to John Jolie-Pitt owning his realness! The podcast also has Anita DJing mixes of tunes and the three doing new radio characters as an intermission from the real talk.

Lets get to know Buffem better!

What podcast do you LIVE for?

Anita: What’s The Tee with Rupaul and Michele Visage. I love their dynamic. You feel like you are there with them involved in their conversation. I also love that its about empowering their listeners.

What’s your favorite DJ remix right now?

I really like the Vincent Ballester Remix of Team by Lorde.

Lots of people have spirit animals, who is your spirit queen?

Raven for that champagne nude look and Alaska for…EVERYTHING else!

Who is a non Rugirl the world should watch out for?

Duh, me honey! No, but seriously, I recently went with my good friend, Ivy Winters (she jokingly winks at me for the name drop) to see Bob The Drag Queen and Bob is everything. Funny, looks good and is all around fierce!

What Bio Queens have inspired you and/or Anita?

Jane Turner and Gina Riley who are comedians from Australia that created Kath and Kim. Gracie Allen was another big one for her comedy aloofness and sharp wit. If you don’t know her, look her up!

Anita BuffemWhat is your go-to song to sing live?

I arranged a mash up of Adele’s Skyfall and Rihanna’s Diamonds that I love singing because it’s challenging yet my voice fits well doing it.

You perform live for brunch, but what does Anita eat for brunch?

I don’t eat much. Something simple…like toast…with butter and jelly….and three eggs scrambled with bacon on the side…and ham…and sausage…links, not patties….a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. 1 or 4 mimosas. That’s all. I know I gotta keep my figure so I don’t like to go overboard.

What is your signature style?

Gaudy rich lady.

If Anita had a real housewife tagline, what would it be?

If they’re not shiny…Buffem!

Why are you revamping the podcast?

Well, we fell into drag because Anita and Gina Marie were two characters from the original podcast. A listener asked us to perform live as the characters and it snowballed from there. We are doing it again to gain some new ideas and expand what we do creatively to see where else it can take us. Its also a way to reach a wider audience outside of NYC and a way for us to let our hair down and just have an outlet to be ourselves and share our opinions.

Do you have a catch phrase?

I’m all about spreading love, positivity, and living your passion. Also, I love diamonds…so my catch phrase is, “Not Shiny, Buffem!”

You can check out Haus of Mimosa The Podcast by clicking below and see their live brunch show on Sundays at KTCHN in The Out Hotel in NYC.

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Haus of Mimosa: The Podcast