“Have You Ever Been Fired” Contest

bitter is the new black.jpgMiu at Socialite’s Life is raving about the latest beach-read Bitter Is The New Black, by Jen Lancaster, which chronicles the trials and tribulations of life after getting fired. We can’t wait to dive in to the sassy tome as soon as we finish the three other books we’re currently reading.

Socialite Life is hosting a contest for the three most outrageous “firing stories,” with the winners of which receiving a free copy of the book and bragging rights throughout blogdom. Give that cloud of yours a silver lining and share your tale; all entries will be kept confidential, lest your story gets out and your current boss finds out you lied on your employment application when you said you “resigned.”

If you produce the winning horror-story, do write us at dan(at)queerty.com and share. Although you must know, with the degenerative lot that ended up working around here, you’ve got some tough competition.